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stories of the dancer in the north

and how she learned to live with grace

the swingtime queen
I am the dancer in the rain. Welcome to my journal. I am the keeper of this interesting, yet oddly written... thing. Here, recorded are my ramblings. Comments on my life, whinging about people I hate, the sharing of amusing anecdotes, and the generalness of being me.

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antique china, artemis, cats, cravats, dance, dashing romance, dead flowers, death by candle light, fountain pens, french closets, grammarizing, ink stains, kilts, lace, lilys, lindy hop, natural form bustles, oppressive white european ancestors, pretty things, quills, sir percy, steampunk, swing dancing, tea, the history of everything, the queen of hearts, typewriters, vampires, victorian romantics, vintage hats and shoes, wibbly wobbly timey wimey...stuff